Monday, September 10, 2012

COBS Day 4 - Mormon Lake to Easy Pass

These are the words, as written, of Chuck Lafean, age 16, on Course C-242 of Colorado Outward Bound School.

Coordinator for the day. Up at 7:00 to wake everybody up. Had breakfast. Went bouldering and then learned a few knots and belaying techniques. On to East Pass above Timberline Lake. First day packing without Cathy (instructor). Made excellent time. Met Cathy at Easy Pass, set up camp and went to do a little rock climbing. I like to belay. Christine let me take a few pictures with her Yashica FX-2, I fell in love with it. Back to camp to dig latrine and have best meal so far on course. Went to bed. Sky was more filled with stars that Katahdin Iron Works. Tony and I saw lots of shooting stars and satellites. Got into a weird conversation. Sleep.

I never really got comfortable with rock climbing. I had done a bit with my Dad when I was younger, but even at 16 the fearlessness of childhood was deserting me.

Again, my memories don't match the map. Reading the words in my journal, I can see in my mind's eye things from this day. The contour lines on the map don't really match those images.

The terrain we were in was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Here in the East, with little exception, you hike on a trail, in the woods, with danger lurking above timberline when you find it. Here, we had been above timberline since leaving Little Sopris Lake. 

Being coordinator for the day, especially on the day when we are alone for the majority of the day, sounds very impressive. I am not sure that I was responsible for anything but waking the patrol and digging the latrine. I am have also done the dishes. Sounds impressive though!

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