Wednesday, September 19, 2012

COBS Day 7 - Lily Pad Lake to Swamp

These are the words, as written, of Chuck Lafean, age 16, on Course C-242 of Colorado Outward Bound School.

Up at 5:30. "Real" food for breakfast (eggs, home made banana bread, orange juice, real butter, bananas). Start today's hike. Rain and then fog. Christine falls and hurts her arm. We go on. Trail always starts from nowhere and ends in a swamp. We are soaked, cold and packs are heavy (from resupply). Can't see peaks to know where we're going. Christine's arm is swollen now and we stop and set up tarp. Fear of hypothermia. Make tea, eat a lot and tell a lot of jokes. Cathy finds us. She has two trustees with her. It looks like Christine is going to have to go out, but not tonight. We decide to camp here tonight. Barb and another trustee show up. We'll wait until tomorrow to decide about Chris. Sleep.

This was a scary day. My memory, albeit romanticized, is that it had been raining for days and the "trail" was under a foot of water. Clearly we were all soaked through to the skin and Christine was in bad enough shape that we were very concerned. I recall that after we set up our tarps, we put her in her sleeping bag, but it took quite a bit to get her warm. The jokes were to take her mind off her situation a bit, and the food to stave off the hypothermia. Still, I am fairly certain that she had the beginning stages of hypothermia and was possibly in shock from the injury. She did come around a bit later in the day and we were able to keep her safe.

As I read ahead to see what to map, and these are all guesses at routes, though I do generally have beginning and an end, I am finding that my memories are in many cases very wrong in relation to my journal. This memory seems to be fairly accurate. I wish I could find the people in was on the course with, to read there journals and talk about their memories. I don't think that is possible though. Perhaps I will make an attempt though.

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