Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gold Park Campground - Day 1 - 9/8/1979

These are the words, as written, of Chuck Lafean, age 16, on Course C-242 of Colorado Outward Bound School.

Leave from Y at about 8:30. 3-1/2 hour bus ride to Gold Park Campground. 1-1/2 mile jog to trail head. Air is pretty thin whereas this trail head is at about 9,000 ft. At trail head we are broken down into patrols or 8 or 9. I am in a group with 8, later on this evening 9th person arrives, having missed the bus. After we are split up, my patrol (Bill, Tony, Dave, Steve, Emily, Christine, Colleen and I) learn how to cross a stream (this was not exactly a stream, and the water was moving very fast) and man this is the coldest water I have ever been in. Now we check equipment out, and take care of personal items. It starts to rain and we eat lunch under tarps we have just set up. After lunch a course meeting. During lunch Christine is cutting cheese and makes a very deep cut between her thumb and index finger. She has to go into Leadville for stitches. No antiperspirant is allowed. (How is that for stream of consciousness writing?) We eat tortillas for dinner and Will (9th student) arrives. Patrol meeting now. Then bed because we have to get up at 5:30 and run 4 miles to an aqueduct. Here we pick up our packs which weigh about 50 or 60 pounds. Sleep.

I find it very interesting how, 33 years later, the strongest memories I have are of things I just gloss over in this journal entry.

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