Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shakedown Hike - Caribou Mountain, Maine

Lucy the Hiking Wiener wrote this post a while ago. This is one of my favorite hikes as well!

Chuck and I went hiking today. Finally! I have waited all winter to get back out; he did some hiking this winter, but I couldn't go; my legs are too short and I just float on my belly with my legs flailing. It's pretty funny. Anyway...

He had some work around the house to do in the morning, so it was 11:30 before we got off. We were headed for the back of Caribou Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest. After an hour in the car, we were confronted by a tree across the road at a place call Pooh Corner Farm. Chuck went in to ask if we could park there while I waited in the car. When he came back he started getting ready, while I stretched my legs and checked out the scents. There were some pretty strange noises going on, so I went to investigate. It didn't take long for me to find it; it looked like a small horse (which I know about because the first place I lived with my brother had horses), but had really long ears. Hee haw! Chuck said his name was Eyeore. I let Eyeore know, in no uncertain terms, that he freaked me out a bit. I wish Chuck had taken a picture, but he didn't.

The first 3/10 of a mile was on the road to the trailhead. The woods remind me of fall; a carpet of brown and no leaves on the trees. The sound of rushing water was all around us. There weren't any interesting smells, so we just hiked.

The hike was pretty uneventful. Chuck did have to help me across two "streams" rushing with snow melt. Boy, he's out of shape; he huffed and puffed and sweat just poured off him. We ran into a couple coming down who probably thought Chuck was having a heart attack right there on the trail.

As we continued on, the going began to get tougher. Often we were in mud up to my belly, and I had a really hard time. We began to encounter snow on the trail, too. When we hit the border of the Caribou Speckled National Wilderness (that's me near the sign post in the picture), the snow started to cover the trail completely. I was having trouble going on, so Chuck turned around.

The hike out was great, I went ahead of Chuck, waiting only when I was about to go out go sight. It was fun. At one point, I found some great smells and took a short side trip, but as soon as Chuck whistled, I was back on the trail.

I made quite a mess of the car on the way home. Chuck gave me a bath (yuck, I hate baths) when we got there. I'm still pulling sticks out of my hair. Sometimes I wish I was a short-hair like Fenway and Chauncey across the street.

Even though we didn't get to the summit, it was a fun day. I'm sure we'll be back this summer to do it again.


  1. Great first post Miss Lu!! Can't wait to read about all your future adventures.

    But tell your Dad that he better spell Mr. Chompers (aka CHAUNCEY) name correctly or he's gonna come out of the closet and kick his ass!!

  2. You wore my baby out on that hike! How about taking your real children with you next time! Great post!