Monday, October 22, 2012

COBS Day 10 - Solo Begins

Anyone wondering where the meat of Outward Bound is, here you go. SOLO! Three days alone in the wilderness. No food. Shelter, clothing and a journal. Ready, set, go.

I am going to heavily edit my journal entries here, as I wrote 26 pages during these three days, many of them rambling, and including an autobiography.

I had a pretty tough time during solo. All of the things I hadn't thought about came rushing in with the absence of movement. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about the family that had dropped me off and was driving back to Maine. I became convinced that they had been in an accident and all killed. The more I tried not to think about, the stronger the emotions became. At some point, I walked out to solo base and spoke with Cathy about it. She suggested that it was the lack of food - the goal is a three day fast, and she gave me some sea crackers and honey. 

These are the words, as written, of Chuck Lafean, age 16, on Course C-242 of Colorado Outward Bound School.

Up at 5:30. Find solo spot. .Sun shines for first time in 4 days (hmmm, that contradicts what I wrote about the stop at the bottom of Williams). I find a great spot. Wash a few clothes. I write to catch up in journal. Whittle a spoon and cut my finger. (So matter of fact, that statement; it was a huge gash of which I am still scarred.) Go back to solo base and get a few bandaids. Take nap. Rain. No food on solo and I'm starved. I watch a tiny spider kill a giant ant. It is amazing the things you see if you really look. Do a lot of thinking, I wish I had a good camera to take pictures of the things I see. I think about skiing and school. Write Ma. I think about getting back home and get quite home-sick. I think about mowing lawns (I had a "business" mowing lawns as a kid). All of a sudden, I think that Dad, Deb and Kate die in a car accident and become really depressed. Think of what life would be like if I didn't have them. Sleep.

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