Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RIP The Ferryman

Stephen "The Ferryman" Longley was born in Lewiston, Maine and like me found meaning and peace in the outdoors. That is all our lives have in common. He was able to find a way to make his life in the outdoors, spending the majority of his adult life, among other things, operating the Kennebec River Ferry on the Appalachian Trail, here in Maine. He touched so many lives, 19,000 by someone's count of his passengers. And, I am sure that he did significantly more the just get them across a river too dangerous to wade through. I am certian there are countless little ways he impacted each of those hikes. A word of encouragement here, something to eat there, a bag of ice for aching joints...

He died like he lived, peacefully, in his sleep. I titled this RIP, but given the peace he experienced in his life, perhaps I should simply say Rest.

His legend will live on.